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Pilot Mountain burn gone wrong.

The intentions were noble.  Burn the underbrush so that  potential wildfires would be attenuated in the event of a lightning strike.  When things go as planned, it’s scary good.  This time things didn’t go as planned.  The wind got up and whipped the fire beyond its intented boundaries.

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The Foresters worked overtime to manage the blaze.  Fighting mother nature all the way.  Read more of the local coverage here.  Read about the lessons learned here from State officials.

It is simply amazing the resiliency of mother nature. She nearly always recovers.

Morrow Mountain NC USA

In the spring of 2013, Morrow Mountain comes alive. She begins to show her potential of natural brilliance and vibrancy. The colors are still muted and there is some lingering fall colors of brown, olive, gold and red. The spring colors start to emerge. The most brilliant is blue.

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