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Morrow Mountain NC USA

In the spring of 2013, Morrow Mountain comes alive. She begins to show her potential of natural brilliance and vibrancy. The colors are still muted and there is some lingering fall colors of brown, olive, gold and red. The spring colors start to emerge. The most brilliant is blue.

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Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, USA

In her winter colors, the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, shows her dormant beauty.  These pictures were captured between mile markers 271 – 292 (in the vicinity of Boone, NC) at or around 3295 feet of elevation.

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The colors are muted but yet remarkable considering the winter season is well under way in January 2013.

In the views of the mountains, one gets the feeling of her name….Blue Ridge.  The  haze of blue casts a low cloud-like top hat for the mountain peaks.