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Oak Island, NC USA

Spring 2016

Here’s a collection from a late spring visit to Oak Island, NC.  The weather was moderate, ie. 70-80s with a constant 5-10 mph wind coming from the south.  The water was cool but not cold.  Most days provided beautiful sunsets but on occasion, a slight haze at the horizon prohibited great sunset colors.

Oak Island and its sister city, Southport, are beautiful small ocean side towns with plenty of opportunities for some great photography.

Ararat River, Mt Airy, NC

Trout fishing expedition

For a cool windy day in May, it was the perfect time to explore more of North Carolina. Particularly when there is Flyfishing involved, the crowds cooperated and the trout were hungry.  The sights were set on locations close to the Piedmont area.  Through google and other internet means, the logical location offered flyfishing next to a greenway….Ararat River on the downtown Mount Airy greenway.  An hour’s drive from the central Piedmont area of North Carolina.

The Trout trifecta was achieved as Brownie, Brookie and Bow were on the line before days end.