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Oak Island, NC USA

Spring 2016

Here’s a collection from a late spring visit to Oak Island, NC.  The weather was moderate, ie. 70-80s with a constant 5-10 mph wind coming from the south.  The water was cool but not cold.  Most days provided beautiful sunsets but on occasion, a slight haze at the horizon prohibited great sunset colors.

Oak Island and its sister city, Southport, are beautiful small ocean side towns with plenty of opportunities for some great photography.

Lunar Eclipse

In the fall of 2014, a breathtaking lunar eclipse occurred in the early morning hours.  There was no better viewing than along the North Carolina coast.  The skies were clear but being along the coast, it was very windy.  The tripod needed to be firmly anchored to prevent camera shake.

A lunar eclipse is when the rising sun is perfectly aligned with the earth and moon thereby the sun casts the earth’s shadow on the moon making portions of the moon disappear during sunrise.

NASA has more details in their article:  NASA Eclipse During 2014.  Or, if you prefer, Space.com has some insight as well.